Aug 28 - Sep 12, 2021
Art Explosion Winners
Juror - Jef Bourgeau
Grand Prize by Public Vote
Some Gave All
Dan Kaminski
Mio, MI

Some Gave All is a collection of life-size wooden figures depicting the artist's interpretation of the sacrifices made by United States soldiers, as well as a visual depiction of the "mechanical" psychological state of these men & women. Each figure is assembled from various species of wood.

Juror's Award - Best of Show
Confidential Secret
John Adenuga

Confidential Secret is an intimate and confrontational hyper-realism charcoal portrait drawing of a young African woman. According to the artist, this piece is a contribution to the Stop The Rape campaign in Nigeria, where abuse of young people is an ongoing epidemic.

Juror's Award
Lost & Found
BreeAnn Veenstra
Grand Rapids, MI

Lost & Found is a series of six multi-media illustrations. The series explores the theme of playful adventure as a prescription for the lost, and uses imagination to re-enforce a positive outlook for the loss-ee. The main character - a plush toy animal - shares a bond between the human world and the natural world. Diverse scenes of action incorporate a range of different Michigan wildlife.

Juror's Award
Crazy Paper
Kim Froese
Howard City, MI

Crazy Paper, an abstract painting, stands over six feet tall, “painted” with various species of hornet’s nest paper and sealed with an ultra resilient, high-gloss finish. Kim’s other work includes found objects and sculptures covered in bee paper. Two of her large sculptures are owned by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.