Aug 28 - Sep 12, 2021
It's On The Wall
Jeremy Mynderse
Auburn, MI

This piece connects current social events with similar occurrences in history that led to the deterioration and fall of other great societies.  It showcases some of the main social issues which plague all humanity: neglect of religion, dissolution of family structure, distortion of sexuality and over-indulgence.  I also included shadowy Hebrew characters spelling out the infamous "writing on the wall" from the book of Daniel, which foretold the downfall of Babylon and inspired my title.  This piece is not meant to be prophetic of what will happen to our great nation in the future - it is meant to remind my fellow Americans what may happen if we fail to find ourselves again.  It has happened to many other cultures in history and we are not immune to destruction.

Mixed dry media and found objects on a 7' x 1' board

Artwork Details
Mixed Media
7' x 1'