Aug 28 - Sep 12, 2021
Beyond the Fence
Sharon Berkan-Dent
Midland, MI

During Covid 19 with human interaction at a minimum, I found it very soothing to visit the neighborhood farm and commune with the animals there. I walked there almost everyday, often multiple times in a single day; taking pictures, bringing the animals treats or just observing their wide range of behaviors. Since they were such a source of peace and offered a welcome break from the feelings of confinement I also decided to turn to them as my subject for my next series of drawings, temporarily taking a step a way from my usual themes based on mysticism and fantasy. All of the animals depicted here are from that same little farm just a quarter of a mile from my house, with more drawings in progress and planned for the future.

Three graphite drawings

Artwork Details
up to 72" horizontally, 24" vertically