Aug 28 - Sep 12, 2021
Joanna Walitalo
Pelkie, MI

My goal as an artist is to share the natural wonders of our northern environment, along with portraying the joy of outdoor activities, with individuals who are not fortunate enough to be able to experience it on a daily basis. Through the unique media of pyrography, I intend to increase awareness and appreciation of our natural resources, so that they may be conserved for future generations. With a strong background in biology, environmental policies, and forestry, I can create biologically accurate and ascetically pleasing depictions of our amazing wildlife and its corresponding habitats in order to foster care and appreciation of our natural resources. Through the works of art that can be transported around the country and shared with those not fortunate enough to be able to visit wild places in person, this can foster care and appreciation of our natural resources to the larger citizenry of the United States, and help preserve those wild places at the same time. The goal of the art is to inform the general public of natural wonders in an effort that such places may be preserved for future generations.

"Dakota" 2021. Pyrography (woodburning) on sugar maple with life bark edge. "Dakota" portrays a working springer spaniel retrieving a rough grouse. Reference photo for the artwork was provided by the owner, John Drummond Lawrence. Pyrography art was done freehand using a Colwood Super Pro II.

Artwork Details
Wood Burning
6.5” x 13”