Aug 28 - Sep 12, 2021
Returning Home
Monica McGivern
South Miami, FL

Monica McGivern, b. 1982, is a professional working artist based in Miami, Florida, who splits her practice between freelance photojournalism, and music performance as a bassist for surf-rock trio, Haute Tension. Her documentation of breaking news stories has been printed extensively for international editorial audiences, while her photographic art has been exhibited at institutions such as The Bass Contemporary Art Museum, Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum, and Oolite Arts, to name a few. Beyond McGivern's accomplishments, she feels there is nothing more fulfilling than the opportunity to find inspiration and rejuvenation in the beauty of northern Michigan, while RETURNING HOME.

Returning Home is a photographic memorialization, taken in the artist's hometown of Grayling, Michigan, that serves as a rememberance of those that have passed away in this difficult year. The multiple-exposure represents the complexity of the passage and stillness of time, through grief, healing, nostalgia, and hope. Digital photograph with Black Gallery FrameMetallic archival print2021

Artwork Details
19" x 27"