Aug 28 - Sep 12, 2021
Culmination of Corporeality
Amy Gibas
Bay City, MI

My work investigates the human relationship to the astronomical universe. Through painted images, I contemplate the patterns of science and superstition that connect us to the unfathomable scale of the universe to create a sense of belonging, structure, and comfort, despite our existential anxieties and feelings of smallness.We often look for patterns as a source of explanation for events and phenomenon we do not yet understand. The search may be conscious or subconscious, leading us to answers ranging from scientific law and theories to superstition, pseudo-science, folklore, and myth. Pattern as explanation for the unknown gives us a sense of understanding and stability in the face of uncertainty that often causes fear and existential anxiety. When contemplating the universe, we are regularly asked to consider our own smallness and insignificance in relation to the grand scale of existence. By searching for connections between ourselves as human beings and nature on a local and cosmic scale, we begin to recognize our place in the universe, and to better understand our belonging and our connections to one another.

Mixed media painting: acrylic, oil, and metallic spray paints

Artwork Details
21.5" x 11.5"