Aug 28 - Sep 12, 2021
In From the Cold
Chandra Jennings
Grand Haven, MI

Chandra Jennings is a self taught artist who prefers the medium of scratchboard. Most of her art pieces are wildlife themed and focused on the expression of the animals. The most important part of her artwork is the connection between the viewer and the subject. Chandra wants to bring a feeling of compassion in association with animals, helping to inspire conservation and caring.

This large piece is made entirely of scratchboard. This panel is comprised of Masonite wood, white clay and black ink. The ink is scratched away line by line with sharp tools to reveal the clay below. The image is literally white peeking through black. For this piece: erasers, fiberglass brush, Xacto knives were used for black ink removal. Colored ink was added where black was removed and then rescratched for texture and shading. The frame is hand built and torched with fire to create a textured effect.

Artwork Details
48” x 37”