Aug 28 - Sep 12, 2021
Low-poly Barred Owl
Randi Dodgson
Gaylord, MI

As a digital art instructor, I created this digital rendering of a barred owl for the purpose of educating others on the process of low-poly portrait making. The term low-poly is a design expression used in computer graphics of an image that has a relatively small number of edges, in this case, 3. The image of the barred owl is comprised of thousands of hand-drawn triangles on top of a gradient bark photograph. This digital portrait is printed on painted white metal with a high gloss finish. I believe the juxtaposition of the low-poly aesthetic against the grunge background would be better suited to metal than traditional paper. As for the subject of this artwork, the barred owl, I have been inspired by this creature since moving to the area a few years ago. When I am getting my two young children into their beds at night, we often hear the distinctive and omnipresent call of the barred owl carrying through the woods.I found a lot of success in the low-poly portrait creation, both in my artwork and my students, and I look forward to generating more artwork using this process in the future.

Artwork Details
30” x 40"