Aug 28 - Sep 12, 2021
Two Bees - Two Butterflies
Joann Cullip
Roscommon, MI

I paint nature but enjoy putting a creative twist to each completed work of art. I may use designs within negative spaces or even within the objects that are being created. Sometimes I use realistic colors and/or may chose to be more playful and creatively approach the color of a subject. I may focus more carefully on a more 'natural approach' to an object and other times may leave the outline of a form as the container for my creative choices of design and color. My love of nature in all of it's various forms will ideally be represented in each work that I create.

This painting is a composition arranged to represent the variety of color and images I associate with a 'in full bloom' garden or meadow. I chose to use flowers and plants that I particularly like to see versus ones that are grown together in a specific garden. The insects that we see around flowers and plants are of such importance that I had to incorporate both butterflies and bees into this imaginary garden world. I hope viewers have fun spending time in my garden as they look for each butterfly and bee.

Artwork Details
30” x 44”