Aug 28 - Sep 12, 2021
A New Day
Patricia Arnold
Roscommon, MI

I enjoy visiting parks and beaches in search of color, reflections in water and glimpses of wildlife. Exploring color combinations and blending different mediums together allows me to achieve the effect I’m looking for. My recent artwork merges watercolors, color pencils and pastels together for a wider range of possibilities. I use watercolor paint to create sheer and solid layers of color. Colored pencils for detail and pastels for texture add depth to my work. I enjoy drawing and painting people. It's easy to connect with them, because every smile, wrinkle or expression reveals clues about their personality. I like to add hints of subtle drama, whether it is a grey sky or clouds accumulating on the horizon. My goal is to encourage those seeing my work to look past what’s apparent about the individual and try to guess the rest of the story.

Lisa looks towards the horizon with an expression of optimism in A New Day, a mixed media portrait painting created in watercolor, color pencil and pastel. The setting is a spring day on a beach along the shores of Lake Huron. The trees are dormant and the beach grass is faded, an indication of the change in seasons. The subject is surrounded by dry stalks of grass breaking into pieces scattered in the sand. The color scheme is an earthy combination of golden-yellow and brown paired with shades of blue and turquoise. The beach, a blend of yellow and rust colored tones, offers a familiar path forward. The blues of the sky and Lisa’s expression summarizes the beach as a calm, natural setting to pause, heal and reflect.

Artwork Details
Mixed Media
23” x 35”