Aug 28 - Sep 12, 2021
Lazy Daze
Pauline Southworth
Davison, MI

I have always enjoyed the arts. I use to draw when I was young and dabbled with pastels and charcoal. But nothing came of it. It was simply something fun to do. When I was forty-four years old I had a tumor taken out that was wrapped around my spinal cord. This unfortunately left me in a wheelchair. Before my surgery, I was very active in sports and physical fitness and I soon found that I needed an alternative outlet. I decided to take up painting and found out that I loved it! It put me in a meditative and peaceful state of mind; something I very much needed at this time of my life.I have found that I like to paint things that relate to nature. I love to try and capture the beauty of every day objects that you might come across while outside; weather it is a boat resting in it’s slot in the pier or the mountains of Vail, Colorado. My preferred medium is acrylic and watercolor Lately I have been working on a painting where light is the main factor in transforming the scene. I am more aware now of how light affects everything we look at and this will inspire my future work.

Watercolor painting of an Amur leopard taking an afternoon siesta on a large log. Painting is on cold pressed Fabriano cotton paper.

Artwork Details
38” x 31”