Aug 28 - Sep 12, 2021
Daddy Changed the World
Jo-Ann Morgan
Surfside Beach, SC

After her father George Floyd was murdered, his daughter Gianna told then presidential candidate Joe Biden “Daddy Changed the World.” This stitched fabric wall hanging (44” x 40”) is from a series of work done in response to events during the coronavirus pandemic. I developed "Nuestra Dama de la Corona" (or, "Lady Corona"), a comforting figure not unlike a deity or favorite doll. The "Lady Corona Comforter Series" features Lady Corona present at contemporary scenes or within scenarios of significance. Lady Corona wears a face mask, a small crown, and has a youthful figure. The artworks feature 19 flowers (symbolic of COVID-19). Heart shapes are often present. Lady Corona is represented here as a Barbie-type doll echoing Gianna’s gesture.

I began with a small quilted background, 44" by 40", which provided a consistent textural ground onto which I appliqued cotton fabric. The images are composed onto the quilt in layered parts, sewn onto the surface much like one might construct a collage. I used primarily cotton fabric, with exceptions for the satin banner and other details. The artwork can be displayed from a curtain rod as a wall-hanging.

Artwork Details
Decorative Arts
44" x 40"