Aug 28 - Sep 12, 2021
Mighty Mac – Mackinaw City, MI.
Raymond Gaynor
Harbor Springs, MI

Art, as self-expression, transcends time and place. When offered to the public, it is an open forum to both convey and invite personal engagement and subjective emotion. For as long as I can remember photography has been, and continues to be, my driving passion, a mesmerizing journey down an eclectic path of joy, discovery, therapy, wonder, and learning! I am drawn to our beautiful National Parks and my beautiful state of Michigan. Chasing and capturing the perfect light at amazing scenes stirs my soul and lifts my spirit. I am humbly pleased to say that many viewers of my art say that it does the same for them. On our drive north to the UP we make a brief stop to capture the Mighty Mac, Mackinac Bridge, the fifth longest suspension bridge in the world, 8KM (5 miles) long and 168M (552ft) height above water.The cold winter already froze a good portion of the Mackinac Straits, connecting the Great Lakes of Huron and Michigan. We gingerly climbed on the frozen water, not knowing how thick the ice was under the bridge pylons. The windchill, subzero temp and 15+mph wind, made the shooting brutal, but the shot was well worth the effort.

Limited Edition - Pigmented Ink on Metallic Paper with archival mounting, mat and glass.

Artwork Details
22” x 32” x 2”