Aug 28 - Sep 12, 2021
Pieces of a Dream
San Paulo
Grand Rapids, MI

I don't know what I make, and I don't know why I make it. I just know that the shapes I produce end up conveying the emotions and images that I want them to. I just know that the art I make makes me happy. I don't know why I make it outside of that. Am I searching for something? Am I trying to convey something? Or am I just simply making my art? Making my art and being happy with that? Right now, in life, I feel a certain sort of emptiness. Not sadness, or loneliness, just emptiness. And I think that the only thing I truly feel at this moment, is that my pieces will fill that emptiness. Maybe they are the puzzle pieces, shaped to fit into those holes I feel. Maybe that's what they are. All I know is that they make me happy, and they are what I want them to be. And I feel less empty with them.

These are pieces of my dream.

Artwork Details
30” x 15” x 8”