Aug 28 - Sep 12, 2021
BLM, Internalized Anger Series
Yue Chen
Lake Forest, IL

Yue Chen is a visual art instructor who works in an Independent high school in Illinois, which, like most of the independent schools, is a predominantly white institution. As an immigrant who came to the U.S. for graduate school in 2005, I didn't have a true understanding of the racial issues in this country until I had started working at this school. Working with international students, students of color and teacher of color closely at work have taught me so much about the racial issues and beyond. During the BLM, as a person of color, a visual artist, and an educator, I felt that I needed to find a way to express my internalized confusion, anger, depression, fear, and yet, HOPE for a better world.

Ceramics work. This group of 3 pieces is the second session of the series. all work featured with a slip cast knob. these work tend to be perceived as "lidded boxes", which made the lid and the box body are two separate parts. the lid part was actually connected with the body. I tried to convey the idea of 'we' and 'they' during the BLM, the truth is that WE are (should be) all united in a way. The knob is the shape of the inside of a holding fist, which represents internalized anger. Those anger are real but are hardly being seen. The painterly strokes in vivid colors and the metallic highlighted line work show 'HOPE', the hope of a united one!

Artwork Details
5x5x18", 6.5x4.5x11", 9.5x9/4"