Aug 28 - Sep 12, 2021
Winter Barks
Cheryl Ann Chidester
Brighton, MI

Although my art can be described as eclectic, it shares common themes and is often inspired by nature, my travels and experiences, and by my love of history. These themes are often interconnected in my art, as well as our world. While places, and people and their culture, offer unique perspectives and experiences, there are universal ideals and shared history, knowledge and spirit that transcends time and place. I strive to touch upon these connections.I work in a variety of media and frequently combine techniques and media employing textures, light and color to convey my impression of a subject matter, place, culture or moment. I appreciate exploring materials, methods and ideas, while staying true to them, as they guide me to a finished piece of art expressing an interpretation and shared experience.

Snowshoeing along the Good Harbor Bay Trail located in the Sleeping Bear Natural Lakeshore, is inspiring. Home to a wide variety of tree species, each with its unique characteristics, was the catalyst for this triptych. It was fun to play with the color and textures of the various barks using watercolor on Claybord then coating with encaustic medium. This is a triptych each framed individually with a simple rustic black wood frame.

Artwork Details
18” x 46”