Aug 28 - Sep 12, 2021
There's a Pill for That
Sarah Dennis
Kronenwetter, WI

Though most of my works are typically not statement pieces in their intent, "There's a Pill for That" is created to be a thought provoking commentary on the over reliance on prescription medication to solve a myriad of problems, particularly mental health, while only creating more. The circus theme creates an atmosphere of altered reality, of masquerade, of distortion of what we know to be true, non-threatening, yet threatening just the same. Paper mache is a medium which speaks in a different way, it engages the viewer in a way other mediums can't, moves into the viewer's personal space and creates an interaction. In my estimation, this piece done in any other medium would not have been as successful. I intend for the viewer to use their imagination to interpret the manner by which the pills are being presented...what is it we are hoping these pills will do, make it okay to feel? Take all feeling away? It's all a circus.

Hand-built wooden canvas with newspaper armature, paper mache covering. Mixed media of acrylic paint, wire, paper board, and real pills applied to the surface for completion of the piece.

Artwork Details
Mixed Media
48" x 28" x 8"