Aug 28 - Sep 12, 2021
Laura Stockwell
Bay City, MI

Imparting a bit of magic into the common is my goal in art. A cottontail rabbit is a common animal we find in rural and metropolitan areas and often glance over. But under controlled water and pigment, this common little animal becomes a moment of pause for the viewer. Honoring the true fluid nature of watercolor to elevate this little backyard friend to a moment of pause and reflection evokes a sense of delightful calm. This 8x10 inch piece is framed to 11x14.

Laura Stockwell is a multimedia artist from Michigan. Focused on watercolor with forays into ink, linocut, acrylic and photography, Laura consistently focuses on natural subject matter. She draws inspiration from the forests, fields and waters of Michigan. Her passion for wild places, wild creatures and the natural world has translated into a nearly compulsive desire to create artistic interpretations of landscapes, creatures, flora, and fauna. With a large body of work, Laura has enjoyed the opportunities to be part of showings in Lowell, Bay City and Lapeer. She is currently working with watercolor and enjoying the fluidity of focus the medium allows.

Artwork Details
11" x 14"