Aug 28 - Sep 12, 2021
Mother Leluja
Megan Shilobod
Roscommon, MI

When humankind relies on technology at an all-time high and their relationship with nature is at its lowest, Leluja, the witch of forests and flowers, beckons all to seek out her shelter. Born in the woods of Poland, under the guise of the goddess Lada, Leluja blesses weddings and young mothers with her headdress of lilies and wild violets. She and her familiar Lado protect families and their ancestors who pass from this realm to the next. Leluja celebrates the rebirth of spring after the long winter and cradles each generation to the next. Her community fondly calls her "Mother Leluja" as blood makes no difference in her kin. Leluja shows us how to reconnect with nature and recognize the cycles of life. With her guidance, we can balance a life of advancing industry and one with the neverending cosmos.

Watercolor on Arches rough 356 gsm paper

Artwork Details
34" x 48"