Aug 28 - Sep 12, 2021
New Born
Terry Dickinson
Grayling, MI

The mare has just finished cleaning the newborn foal and now she gently nudges it, encouraging it to find its feet and stand for the first time. The foal will find her footing, she was born to run with the DNA of Secretariat, the triple crown record-setting thoroughbred, coursing through her veins. But at this moment, she has to learn to stand, then walk, then run, and run like the wind she will.

This painting is not about thoroughbred horses, it's about having someone to nudge us at those critical moments in life to move us toward becoming what we are capable of, what we were born to accomplish. It's about wobbly beginnings and uncertainty and encouragement. It’s about believing in ourselves, because someone believed in us enough to nudge us to our feet.

Artwork Details
30" x 48"